The Zodiac Show – Inglês

Adam Lambert Brasil had the opportunity to interview the creators of The Zodiac Show. Check out the interview bellow:

ALB: How did you come with the idea of the zodiac show?
Lee: The Zodiac Show originally started as an After-hours party called “Freedom”. We moved into a larger venue and decided to re-invent and evolve. We basically pooled the talent of the family we created at The Freedom Party and created what is now known as The Zodiac

ALB: We’re from Brazil and we only have a sight of what is the event. Could you please explain to the brazilian fans how it works, who’s in and what exactly is the zodiac show?
Lee: Phew! Big question. Lets start with how it works..Every time we do a show it is in the theme of the sign at the time. For example, The last show we did happened in September, so it was a Virgo show. Signs can be interpreted many different ways and for this
particular show, we chose “Metamorphosis”. It is a word to describe complete spiritual and physical change. For example, when someone loses their virginity, they can not go back to being a virgin. That’s it. You are forever changed. That serves as a metaphor for many things in life that everyone goes through, regardless of their cultural background or religious beliefs. Then we create a show that helps communicate the theme. However…we don’t shove our themes down anyone’s throat. Our main concern is to entertain and inspire our audience, to pioneer as creative artists, and to celebrate the
love we have. The themes simply serve as a guide. Then we figure out WHO’s in town and available, we throw it all in the pot and out comes a Zodiac Show. As far as “What is The Zodiac Show??”. Ultimately it’s a musical variety show that exists to promote love, freedom of expression and unity among all our teaser trailer on

ALB: Where does the event happen?
Lee: We’ve performed at top venues all through Hollywood, but most recently we’ve been performing at The legendary Avalon Hollywood. The are very well equipped to deal with us. We have a 11 piece band with full dance numbers and aerial acts. We need room on stage!

ALB: Adam is a star who’s already been part of The Zodiac show. Do you remember how did he join it? can you talk a bit about Adam’s participation in the event?
Lee: Sure. The short answer is everyone in The Zodiac Show is friends with each other. Adam was our friend and we were always aware of his singing superpowers. As soon as we did a show and he was available, he did a show. For his first Zodiac performance, we asked him
to sing “Change is Gonna Come”. Many times in Zodiac we have big production numbers but we knew that if Adam just stood there and sang the song, that it would be all the production number he needed. If you watch the video, you’ll know what I mean. It was the first time in his career he got to really be himself on stage so he kind of exploded. It’s still one of our favorite performances of his because it was so honest and raw.

ALB: Is there any funny or remarkable story involving Adam in his Zodiac Show times that you could share with us?
Lee: Adam is a pleasure to work with and fun to collaborate with. I can tell you that he first worked with his current guitarist, Monte Pittman at The Zodiac Show. The only other particularly amusing story I can think of is in the documentary, and I’m going to let it speak for itself when it becomes available.

ALB: Recently how many contributors does the event have, including all the singers, dancers, cast and crew? How long is its duration?
Lee: Every show is different but..there are about 6 of us on the main creative team. 10-12 piece band, 6-10 dancers (sometimes more), 3-4 choreographers, 4-6 singers/rappers, 2-4 aerialists and/or fire performers, a film and stage crew, promotion and public relations.
When we are in production there could be as many as 125 people working on The Zodiac Show. Each show itself is about an hour give or take a few minutes.

ALB: Beyond Adam, is there any other celebrity that has been part of the event before they became famous? if so, can you name them?
Lee: As far as existing celebrities, we’ve had Macy Gray and Dita Von Teese do guest performances. As far as getting famous during Zodiac, Carmit was a part of the event before she became famous with The Pussycat Dolls..AND…she only missed 1 Zodiac Show during her entire tour of duty with The Pussycat Dolls. There have also been many
successes from members of The Zodiac Show that you may not have heard of but are still very significant. Mza Superstar (Allan Louis) has been in several movies and TV Shows both as series regular and guest stars. Alisan Porter has a major project in the works right now. Leo Moctezuma choreographed his first number in Zodiac and now choreographed and is dancing in Pink’s Funhouse tour. That’s just naming a few. In fact, recently we’ve started a blog that keeps track of all of the individual projects of everyone from The
Zodiac Show. Check it out here.

ALB: Could you tell us more about The Zodiac Show documentary? Will Adam be on it?
Lee: It is called The Zodiac Show: Metamorphosis. It is a concert documentary of the last show we did in 9/9/08 and yes, Adam is in it. You can see the details at We are submitting it to film festivals right now and we’ll see what happens!

ALB: Have you thought about join in a world wide tour? (including Brazil, of course)
Lee: Hell’s yeah. We’d love to do a world tour. It’s the ultimate goal. We can’t wait to share our very unique way of creating love and art with the world!

ALB: What do you think about Adam’s exposition in the media and all of his success? Did you watch him in American Idol?
Lee: Yes we watched American Idol. We were at the Nokia theater for the finale. We are very proud of him and how he is handling the media.

ALB: And finally, could you send a message to all the brazilian fans?
Lee: We have a saying among our crew and it involves using the word “Zodiac” as a verb. To “Zodiac” something means, to make it happen. Our show is always “full out” because we “zodiac” it. If we have a particular vision, we make sure it happens at the highest
possible vibration. So to anyone out there who wants to be an artist, put on a show, or be the highest vision of themselves, then “Zodiac” it! Make it happen! No one is standing in your way! And of course, please join our email list, facebook fan, Myspace, Youtube and Twitter pages. We are in the process of creating a new show and have plans to create more web content as we evolve. Thanks so much for your interest and hopefully one day we can do a Zodiac Show in Brazil!!

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