Ídolos POP – Magazine-Poster: Adam Lambert, Brasil

Born on the January 29th of 1982, Adam Lambert is the older of two brothers. His family and him moved from Indiana to San Diego, California, when he was still a baby. The boy already dreamt of being an artist at age 10 and at that age was cast for his first role in Theater School, Linus from a play about… Charlie Brown, the character from the comics book by Charles Schulz. Really!

Lambert had private singing lessons and took part in musicals such as Grease in which he played the leading role. His vocal coach, Lynne Broyles was the art director of a children’s theater and ended up becoming a mentor for Adam.

The boy also participated in choirs, dramatic plays and a jazz band. After high school, he moved to Orange County with the purpose of attending college. Right after signing up for it, Lambert decided he was to pursue other goals and decided to quit college 5 weeks after enrolling…

Aiming to become a singer, living alone already, started to fight for his dream through small roles in theatre and musicals.

In 2004, Lambert played a small role in the play The Ten Commandments in Kodak Theatre, side by side with actor Val Kilmer. He also started performing in The Zodiac Show and in the meantime he is spotted by Carmit Bachar from Pussycat Dolls and is name becomes known among artists.

Lambert made a memorable impression on fellow actors with his vocal reach and began writing his own songs at this stage. One of them, Crawl Through Fire was co-written by Monte Pittman, Madonna’s guitarist. The Indiana young man would definitely become famous nationwide in 2009 when he became a finalist of American Idol’s eight season. His performance for the song “Mad World” received a standing ovation from the toughest and most critic judge, Simon Cowell. His voice power alongside with the black hair and the heavy eyeliner earned him the title glam rocker, like Freddie Mercury and Gene Simmons from Kiss.

Despite being considered one of the favourites then, he was defeated by Kris Allen.

Some say the defeat was because of the strong rumour that spread then that the artist was gay. Lambert denies that his sexuality had anything to do with it. Despite the defeat, his first album, For Your Entertainment (2009), was a huge success, debuting on third place of Billboard 200. In 2010, he would be nominated for his first Grammy for the hit “Whataya Want From Me”.

Nowadays, this handsome gay boy is working on his second album, besides preparing a live work. Both due to later this year.

Translated By Rita Cardoso