[VIDEO] Happy Birthday Dear Adam Lambert #HappyBirthdayAdamLambert @adamlambert


And now, check out our Video in Celebration of Adam Lambert’s 37th Birthday, produced exclusively by our Website “Adam Lambert Brasil”:

We would like to thank all of the Brazilian Glamberts and International Glamberts who participated on this project! Special thanks to the creator of the Medley of “Lucy”, “Underneath” and “Pick U Up” – DJ Robson Michel; the art editors – Maysa Aristides & Mih Vicent; the writer and translator of the birthday message – Mônica Smitte; the translator – Bruna Martins; Robéria Gonçalves for the arts created; and the organizer and editor of the video Josy Loos.

In order to make the message reach Adam faster, you could tweet the video tagging him with the following message:

Happy Birthday @adamlambert from your Brazilian Glamberts & Special Guests from Other Countries! Please check out our video https://youtu.be/wLIca9GADZM #HappyBirthdayAdamLambert

And here check out our birthday message previously posted!

Team Adam Lambert Brasil

Video Editor: Josy Loos
Message Creation & Translation: Mônica Smitte
Creation & Art: Maysa Aristides
Special Thanks: Bruna Martins, Robéria Gonçalves, Mih Vicent, DJ Robson Michel