“Letter from Freddie Mercury to Adam Lambert” was sent to Adam!

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In 2014, we published here this essay written by Mônica Smitte, which was put together based on all the reviews of the shows so far, Brian and Roger’s comments about Adam Lambert being the frontman and some biographical information. We hadn’t given this letter to Adam yet, but some fans had suggested that. Then the end of this essay was updated and finally, one copy was sent to Adam. Our dearest friend Claudia Rosa who was in Munich for the last show of “The Original High Tour” gave him this letter along with all the other material already mentioned on our website.

A letter from Freddie Mercury to Adam Lambert

The essay below was put together based on all the reviews of the shows so far, Brian and Roger’s comments about you being the frontman and some biographical information.

Adam, hey man!

How have you been?

It’s Freddie!

I really want to say that I’m really amazed at you touring with my band!

You know, Paul Rodgers was nice as the lead singer. But his style, reserved, it was different. A blues man type. Then Queen used to sound like his band the “Bad Company”. So it was like “Bad Company” playing with “Good Company”, because it was out of the characteristics which grew up with me, Brian, Roger and John Deacon and out of the original range that resulted in Queen Band.

I need to say that I’m really impressed by you! I thought you were good, but actually you’re fantastic.

Besides this splendid voice you have, you have this sex appeal, which is essential for anyone who dares to be the Queen’s frontman. You have that 70’s touch, when the rock and roll culture was pure, madly wild and deeply original. You’re not from this era!

I was afraid, because I thought that no one, besides Cher, would dare to be glam enough on stage, especially a man, with no fear or care of what people would think about it, with such virility from an alpha male. Modestly… like me.

People need to know that a vocalist to take this position, he needs to be glam. He needs to have a burlesque appeal and makes people stand up from their seats and sing along.

You know, I was pansexual, it means… I used to be straight, bi and then finally I realized that I was homosexual. I fell in love with a woman, but also I liked men. The culture that raised me was very permissive, you know, “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.” There weren’t diseases; we didn’t have fear at all. Even the drugs were much more pure than today and that epiphany you said that you had during the “Burning Man”, that was the epiphany of all the rockstars and this was used to create music. Of course, after all this irresponsible madness, came the AIDS, came all the suicides and overdoses. Few were unhurt.

When I became ill, from AIDS, in 1991, this disease devastated my mind and body… I thought that this could ruin my moral (you know, people were afraid to touch somebody with this disease), that’s why the world only got to know about it, two days before my death. I suffered a lot about that. Look, I was a sex symbol and in 80’s, thousands of women and men had fell in love with me. Queen’s success began in 70’s and has a long hair, wear eyeliner & nail polish, big platform shoes, did not expose any sexual orientation. I was just in fashion, I was Glam!

You do today what I wish I had done back in 1980. Scream to the world my sexuality with no fear, no holding back. If I had done that, more songs like “Love Of My Life” would be out today. Can you imagine? It was beautiful write that song.

And, man. What are those outfits you’re wearing during the tour? Just stunning! Very good taste! Leather and spikes, shiny t-shirts, tight trousers, animal print, and that leopard outfit… platform shoes like that! I would have used it! It’s fantastic! You know I was graduated in History of Art specialized in Graphic Design by Ealling Art College. I just wish I had designed those daring outfits, those flamboyant prints.

And that gold/purple chaise longue? I have been sitting there next to you in every concert. I’m sure you felt my presence, everybody did it.

I need to say… I like people who have stage presence. This is so important. I like the one who can hypnotize people. I love the ones who are not afraid of being ridiculous. This kind of magnetism is not for every singer… Above all, I love vocalists who got the audience involved. People aren’t just listeners, those songs that we sing to them, touch their hearts. They remember times in their lives, their youth, their courage and their light. Those songs bring moments, even smells. They are able to remember that time when artists weren’t manufactured. You know, I mean, no internet at that time.

I’m really sorry for this musical culture that you are living today, where originality, voice and talent are put aside in second place. To please the masses, you need to be repetitive and copy other artist. Some singers nowadays are just reinventing the reinvented. Nobody brings something new. So man, keep being perseverant. People do not have the same good taste like before.

In addition, nowadays which artist survives without a computer? That’s why I admire too much the improvisation and originality you have. And that is nothing but an artistic empathy created with the audience, whose heart and soul have an amazing musical feeling. You affect the musical roots, ancestral behaviors of people, things that even they don’t know they have in their DNA. Everything about you sounds real!

Therefore, I would like to thank you for not underestimate my fifty-something listeners, my beloved fans, that little by little have been becoming “Queenberts”! Many of them had felt like they were twenties again.

Tell me something that can do this to a person besides love… and music?

So man, who could bring these melodies and lyrics with the same inspirations they were made? Or rather, give a new vision to the same songs without losing their magic and charisma? This is a dream for every music lover and songwriter: do not let those songs die but above all, find a performer on their level. Someone with a Glam soul! Daring, talented, over-the-top, charming: YOU!

There is a magical universe of enjoyment when this happens: It’s a kind of magic!

And this lyrical vein you have… Have you ever stopped and looked the audience in their eyes during “Who Wants To Live Forever”? People get emotional and they feel like crying. They reach the point where they start to question the immortality like the hero in “Highlander”.

Look! There is also the matter about tribute concerts that I would like you to know. You know, those shows where lot of artists come together singing my songs. The purpose, everybody knows, make money with tickets, DVDs and CDs… I was flatter with some of the performances… very cool! But I claimed for a continuation of my band, I claimed for new screams on those strings of Brian’s guitar and on those drum sticks of Roger… and I claimed for someone who truly would care about my music and its legacy.

Look, I want you to know that I really think that tributes are very beautiful and inspiring and covers bands can be very interesting. Lots of people have talent to sing my songs, but in this case, it’s not only about talent… you need to have a “Queen Soul”. You need to do an interpretation. I never wanted a substitute. I never wanted just a tribute or a mediocre performer. I wanted someone capable to continue my work, in the same way, just like he was me, but not losing his own originality, because this is to be a true artist.

When you truly love something, you want that to create its own life and keeping going. You’re not selfish. You don’t want the songs and the band to die with you. The artists who wish this really do not love what they do. It’s like when you love someone; you want the person to grow up!

Adam, don’t care about those guys always saying you can’t do it… The higher the artist, the most contradictories feelings touch people. You know, the line separating love from hatred is very thin. All those people saying this kind of things are just people stuck in the past. Inside all of them they are delighted with you but they don’t want to show it; just because you came from a talent show. It’s pure prejudice. Never mind! They are losing the chance to join you.

Me and my friends from college when we made it big on the band, we weren’t take so seriously by the critics. They didn’t treat us like they used to treat some contemporaneous artists like Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Alice Cooper. And all of them, I mean ALL, liked us!

So, don’t care about the critics!

Lots of people talk shit about you not being good enough and look, I’m not any God! People’s idolatry stops some of my fans seeing what I, Freddie, would rather! Thank God, I have Bri and Roger, they know me very well and they really love you. Those guys know my tastes.

It’s easy to see the twinkle in their eyes when they’re playing with you on stage. When I see you playing at places like Madison Square Garden, I see Bri and Roger with twenty years old again.

In the end, it’s everything about the songs. They are the real “highlanders”, they are immortal.

Everybody dies, but not the songs, they never die. Sometimes they look like old classical books, dusty on the shelf… everybody likes them, but they don’t listen to them that much.

You took all those “books” off the shelf, gave them energy, and gave enthusiasm to my old friends from stage.

And the fact is, if people want to listen to Queen and get into the genuine universe of this band… everybody needs to admit that the show must go on with you.

That’s why I say, as you sang that Rihanna’s song. Me and the Glam Rock World say: We want you to STAY!

However, there are things that cannot be put into words. I think; when you were headlining Rock in Rio 30th on September 2015, the crowd singing together, the energy, the vibe that they felt, say more than any words that I just said in this letter. Always remember, without you as the lead singer, those performances wouldn’t have happened and people wouldn’t have felt what they felt. Remember, without you, this festival wouldn’t have been the same for thousands of people. My words reverberate in every goose bumps of fans that had the chance to listen “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Like everybody who had the chance to attend an event like that, felt, in any part of the world.

I want to finish this letter with thanks. Rather than you thank us for the opportunity you’ve been having with us, I want to THANK YOU for the opportunity WE’VE been having with you.


Written by Mônica Smitte (@Ninica20010)
(Adam Lambert Brasil Website)

Author of the Post: Josy Loos
Essay / Creation & Art: Monica Smitte
English Version: Gabriela Macieira
Thanks: Claudia Rosa


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